Memorial Garden

Garden of Memories

We are pleased to announce that Altrusa House has added a Garden of Memories to our award winning gardens. The Garden of Memories is constructed of engraved commemorative brick pavers. The bricks are contributed in honor of special clients, families, friends, and supporters of Altrusa House. Donors can contact Altrusa House to donate as little as $150 per brick to help support Altrusa House’s mission.


In Memory of Grace Dayton Hargrave Family

Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hargrave

Remembering Dan & Dana Dugger

Donated by Leo & Dee Dugger

In Memory of Francis VanBussum

Donated by Hugh Grambling

Remembering Grace C. Clark & Elmer J. Clark

Donated by The Clark Family: Terry & Sheila Moreland, Tom Clark, Janet Loxley & David Fouts, and Nancy & Alan Hult

Ailene Feldherr (1933-2019)

Donated by Carl Feldherr

Arthur A. Scott (1919-2017)

Donated by Barbara Scott

Richard Renner (1927-2019)

Donated by Lisa Renner

Remembering Johnny McFadden

Donated by Kathy Duffy, Leah Gibbs, and Nancy Hult

Remembering Mary Jean Davis

Donated by Carol Meyer

Remembering Adam Parchomcik

Donated by Shea Huey & Mark Houghtaling


Honoring Mel Rubin MD (1932-2014)

Donated by Lorna Rubin

Remembering R.M. Fry, MD (1926-2013)

Donated by Justine Vaughen Fry

Remembering Dr. Emily King

Donated by Norma Hoffman and The Martin Shofner Family

Remembering Elizabeth Turlington

Donated by Karen Wishart

In Memory of Rubye Beal, A WOW Sister

Donated by WOW Group

Remembering Frances Croft  (2019)

Donated by Altrusa House Staff: Lisa, Shanisha, Domonique, & Jasmine, Kathy Duffy, and Nancy Hult

In Memory of William N. Underwood and Margaret Ann Underwood

Donated by Margaret Fields

In Memory of Wayne & Claire Vergith

Donated by Sara Freeborn

Barbara J. Sperrazza (1952-2016)

Donated by Charles Sperrazza

Remembering Edgar Moring (2019)

Donated by Nancy Hult

Remembering Lucia Yu

Donated by Barbara Scott

Remembering Gene Liddon

Donated by Barbara Scott, Fran Vandiver, and Justine Vaughen Fry

Remembering Charlotte Campbell

Donated by Barbara Scott and Lisa Renner

Remembering Lee & Martha Johnson

Donated by Nancy & Alan Hult

Honoring Justine Vaughen, MD

Donated by Carol Meyer

Honoring AH Founding Trustees

Donated by Joan Suchorski

Honoring Lee & Martha Johnson

Donated by Lee & Martha Johnson

Nancy Hult, Lisa Renner, and Barbara Scott

Donated by Barbara Scott

Celebrating Altrusa House Caring Staff

Donated by Fran Vandiver

In Honor of Altrusa Club of Gainesville

Donated by Altrusa International of Gainesville

Honoring Norma Hoffman

Donated by Barbara Scott

Thankful for Altrusa Friendships

Donated by Marge Baker

Honoring Mary S. Britt

Donated by Barbara Scott

Honoring Freddie Dobson

Donated by Barbara Scott

Honoring Ray Jones

Donated by Lisa Renner and Nancy Hult

Honoring Lisa Renner

Donated by Nancy Hult

Honoring Barbara Scott

Donated by Nancy Hult

Remembering Cindy Johnson Mateo (1954-2004)

Donated by Donna & Marty Johnson