About Altrusa House

Altrusa House of Gainesville, partnered with Easter Seals Florida, is a place where people with health problems can come to make new friends and remain active. Families who are committed to keeping their loved ones at home can look to Altrusa House as an alternative to nursing home care. Altrusa House of Gainesville offers a place where family member’s health conditions can be monitored and cared for during the workday.¬†Altrusa House promotes an active lifestyle for those with limitations and is a support system for anyone in need of care.

Fundraising for the Altrusa House of Gainesville started with Altrusa International of Gainesville over an eight-year planning period. Thanks to Altrusa International, the City of Gainesville, and the Gainesville community, Altrusa House of Gainesville was able to raise more than $400,000 and acquire the land required to build the facility. Altrusa House of Gainesville opened in October 1998, built upon the land donated by the City of Gainesville, alongside Greentree Park. Altrusa International of Gainesville and the Gainesville community continue to provide support for member sponsorship, volunteers, equipment, and specialized support.

While members are under Altrusa House’s care, family members are able to return to work, run errands, make appointments, or take a much-needed break with the peace of mind that their loved one will receive quality care in a safe, stimulating environment. Our programs at Altrusa House are designed to enhance the overall well-being of our members.